Elastic Private Clouds are the new Black

I spent the night on Google Reader catching up on things I haven’t read for awhile and I strayed on a couple of posts related to Private Clouds and elasticity/scalability. One article even discussed that private clouds can aid in reducing OPEX. Check them out here and here.

“Private Clouds provide many of the benefits of the Public Cloud, namely elastic scalability, faster time-to-market and reduced OpEX, all within the Enterprises own perimeter that complies to its governance.” (Source)

HUH? Elastic, scalable and I am saving money? That’s the train I want to get on.

Private clouds are exactly that, funded by a company as part of their normal CAPEX. Eucalyptus is awesome and gives you *potential* to be elastic and *potential* to scale. Expand and contract to your hearts content but when you’re out of raw materials your spending cash – plain and simple. How are they reducing OPEX? Remember that Eucalyptus can’t even run Windows which would still dominate the usage within most Enterprises. Maybe it was related to licensing? Again I can’t see many Enterprises shifting VMWare out and moving Eucalyptus in to reduce licensing – why wouldn’t they just automate KVM builds? At least then they get Windows VM’s.

This is why ‘Private Clouds’ is a dubious term and wreaks of vendors quickly remodelling to sell their same old wares.

Unless your using the ‘cloud’ to abstract the components sitting latent within your Enterprise then it exhibits nothing that is cloud. You can always check my previous post for a definition. What I mean is if you were using Eucalyptus to redeploy commodity hardware, or you put terabytes of SATA drives into old server stock and linked it into Eucalyptus’ S3 compatible storage service (Walrus) then it might be classed as private cloud – otherwise it’s just virtualization.

Abstracting the raw materials within your data centre and achieving some elasticity big task and Eucalyptus can help get you there. Then I suppose your ‘governance’ must be so rigid that you wouldn’t look to Amazon or Rackspace to fulfil your requirements.