Intro’s and what not…

Welcome to the 1st post from the Cloud Pimps…

Initially I’d like to start by covering off what we’re all about… and that is T&T. Tits & Technology… yeah it may be a bit sexist, but that was our mantra over a decade ago… and while it still has some element of truth, we lean more towards the technology side these days.

Going back in time, the two of us created a very successful site ( about the former topic I mention above which has now gone by the wayside – if you’re interested to see our efforts, check it out via the waybackmachine, most of the links are probably broken now, but anyway — that was the past. This site will be about the later topic, but you might hear about both intermixed in our posts depending on our mood.

We aim to cover many topics, but we are primarily focussed on Cloud computing, Virtualisation and all those sticky grey matter areas in between.

If you’re keen to follow us, you can catch us both on twitter: @cloudpimps & @cloudjunky !


Like a rhino…..