Coming soon to a Thin Client near you… Wyse V10L (WTOS) multi-broker options!

A lot of customers that are evaluating VDI are probably looking at the Wyse (WTOS) V10L series of Thin Client. Wyse have a kick-ass little unit in these devices, and I am sure their sales are ticking along, as the ease of management for these puppies is well…. easy!

Getting back on point, The V10L does have the odd limitation, and one is that it’s not using a full VMware View client, its their port / interpretation of what features they think customers will want the most. And thus, there was only an option for a single broker VDIBroker= <set in your WNOS.INI>.

While this is fine for most customers, its not for those planning mass VDI deployments with multiple brokers internally. Brokers might be segregated by region, business unit, etc etc… and previously this would have put the poor lil V10L out of a large sale. Customers needed to use a VMware View client (Win32 or Linux variants) to get a multi-broker capable client.

But…. Wyse are listening to their customers and partners ! and just a few weeks back after sending in a Feature Request for a multi-broker supported firmware, they sent me a working beta of exactly what is needed. While it was only limited to 5 brokers initially, this should get upped shortly, and hopefully permanent baked into new V10L firmware releases. This is another tick in the box for the V10L, where it previously had an X.

There are a few more features coming to the V10L firmware that I’m happy about, but I’ll talk about them another day. But I guess what really pleases me is that Wyse take their feature requests seriously, and their turn around times from request to private beta has been outstanding, sometimes in less than 48hrs!

Lets hope Wyse keep up the development for these little units !